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7 Tips Choosing The Perfect Outdoor Dog Kennel

Are you on the hunt for an outdoor haven where your pooch can enjoy the fresh air without running amok? Finding that ideal kennel might seem like a tail-chasing task, but it’s crucial for your pet’s happiness and safety.

Many pups love basking in the sun or romping around freely; however, leaving them to wander can lead to trouble. That’s why a secure outdoor kennel is every dog owner’s best ally.

Did you know wood isn’t just charming—it’s also one of the warmest materials you could choose for an outdoor dog house? Your four-legged pal deserves a cozy spot that shields them from chilly breezes and scorching heat waves alike.

Our guide brims with practical tips that will steer you toward making an informed choice. We’ll cover everything from sizing up the right space to sniffing out durable materials—all tailored to ensure your pooch enjoys their outdoorsy lifestyle safely.

Get ready to transform your backyard into a pup paradise!

Key Takeaways

  • Measure your dog to make sure the kennel is big enough for them to stand, turn around, and stretch out.

  • Choose a kennel made of durable materials like wood, metal, or plastic that suits your local weather conditions.

  • Look for safety features such as secure latches and fences; consider adding insulation and shade for comfort.

  • Keep cleanliness in mind with easy-to-clean surfaces and proper ventilation to ensure your dog’s health.

  • Plan for maintenance by regularly cleaning the kennel, checking for wear, and replacing damaged parts as needed.

Factors to Consider When Choosing an Outdoor Kennel

When selecting the right outdoor kennel, it’s crucial to weigh a variety of considerations that directly affect your four-legged companion’s comfort and safety. From assessing your pet’s size to contemplating the particularities of your local climate, each factor plays a pivotal role in landing on an ideal home-away-from-home for your canine companion.

#1 – Size of your dog

Your dog needs a kennel that fits just right. Make sure your pup can stand up, turn around, and stretch out without hitting the walls. Measure your dog’s height and length before you pick an outdoor kennel.

For a happy and healthy pup, the space inside their home away from home is super important.

If you have more than one pet, consider how much room they’ll need together. They should all have enough space to move freely without any crowding. A spacious kennel lets each dog have its own spot to relax and play in your yard safely.

#2 – Climate and weather conditions

Moving from the kennel size, think about your local weather patterns. Your outdoor kennel must handle all sorts of elements – rain, heat, and cold. Look for features like a weatherproof area to keep pets dry no matter the season.

In places with extreme temperatures, an insulated living box can shield your furry friend from bitter cold or sweltering heat.

Choose materials that stand up to your climate’s challenges; metal roofs fend off heavy snowfall while ventilation systems prevent overheating in hot climates. A climate-controlled space ensures comfort year-round for dogs who spend a lot of time outdoors.

Kennels with proper coverage protect against sunburn or frostbite depending on the season. Always make sure there is a cozy spot within their outdoor home where they feel safe and sheltered.

#3 – Material and durability

Outdoor dog kennel

Choose materials for your outdoor kennel that will last. Sturdy wood, metal, or high-quality plastic are all good choices. Each material has benefits and drawbacks. Metal is strong and can withstand lots of wear and tear but may rust over time.

Wood looks great and offers a solid structure, but it needs treatment to prevent rot. Plastic is lightweight and easy to clean but may not hold up in extreme weather.

Make sure the kennel’s sheltered part is durable enough to protect your furry friend from the elements. An image file showing different designs might inspire you to pick a kennel with a deluxe trim package or climate control features for extra durability.

A well-built kennel means free delivery on repairs since you won’t be fixing it often!

#4 – Security and safety features

Make sure the door to access your outdoor kennel has a secure fence to keep your dog in and other animals out. This will stop your furry friend from escaping and protect them from any danger that might come into the yard.

Look for strong latches on windows, door, and gates and sturdy materials like heavy-duty steel or aluminum.

Your kennel should also provide shelter against tough weather. A roof or cover shields dogs from sun, rain, and snow. Consider an insulated dog house within the kennel for extra warmth during cold months.

Good airflow is important too, so make sure there’s enough space between the ground and walls of the kennel for air to move freely. Regular checks are vital to find any damage that could risk safety—fix broken parts right away.

#5 – Ease of assembly and cleaning

After securing your pet’s safety, you’ll want to think about how easy the kennel is to put together and keep clean. Some dog kennels have a simple design that allows for quick assembly without extra tools.

Look for models with snap-together parts or minimal screws and bolts. This not only saves time during setup but also makes it easier if you need to move the kennel later.

Keep in mind that cleanliness is key for your dog’s health. Choose a kennel with surfaces that are easy to wipe down or hose off. A removable litter tray can catch waste and make disposal a breeze.

Kennels with smooth, non-porous materials prevent bacteria buildup and are simpler to disinfect. If you pick one made of concrete or waterproofed wood, cleaning becomes even less of a hassle – just sweep and rinse as needed!

#6 – Budget

Thinking about your budget is key when picking a dog kennel. You want something that fits your wallet but still keeps your pup safe and happy. Don’t just go for the cheapest option; consider value, too.

Look at dog kennel collections and compare prices. Make sure to check if there’s an extra cost for features like a climate-controlled space or access through a special dog door.

Before you buy, read guides and reviews to find the best deal for you and your barker. Choose wisely so you won’t have to spend more money fixing or replacing it later on. Now let’s talk about additional features like roofs and shades that can make outdoor dog kennels seem even better!

#7 – Additional features (roof, shade, etc.)

Roofs are essential for any outdoor kennel. They protect your outdoor kennels from rain and snow, ensuring a dry space. In sunny areas, a kennel roof also shields your pet from harsh sunlight.

Look for sturdy materials that can withstand strong weather and the test of time.

Shade is just as important to keep your dog cool during hot days. Breathable shade fabrics allow air to flow while blocking direct sun rays. Insulated rooms in some kennels offer extra protection against extreme temperatures.

Always choose a kennel with proper shelter so your tail-wagger stays comfortable no matter the weather.

Types of Outdoor Dog Kennels

Discover the variety of outdoor dog kennels available—from wire to wooden options—each offering unique advantages for your furry friend’s comfort and safety. Keep reading to find the best match for your pup!

Wire kennels

Wire kennels are strong and long-lasting for keeping dogs safe outside. They work well for all types of dogs because they’re sturdy. These outdoor kennels will let your pet enjoy fresh air while being secure.

You can pick different sizes to match how big or strong your dog is.

You can add special features like a separate door and windows or connect it with chain link fences. This solution makes the outdoor space even safer for your furry friend. Wire kennels are simple to set up as temporary spots for dogs in your yard or garden.

Plus, they allow plenty of ventilation so that your dog stays comfortable while outside.

Chain link kennels

Moving on from wire kennels, chain link kennels options offer a sturdy alternative for your furry friend. Chain link kennels are known for their strength and ability to stand up to even the most energetic dogs.

They’re made with interlocked steel wires that form a diamond pattern. This design keeps your pup safe while providing plenty of ventilation.

The Lyromix Dog Kennel Outdoor is an example of this solution, a robust chain link model complete with a protective roof and special feeding doors. These features make for a comfortable outdoor space where your pet can play and rest.

Not only do they hold up well in different weather conditions, but they also offer security without breaking the bank. Chain link fencing remains popular among dog and property owners because it balances durability, cost-effectiveness, and safety.

Plastic kennels

outdoor dog kennel

Plastic kennels are a solid choice for your dog’s outdoor home. They’re made of heavy-duty plastic or galvanized steel that stands up to any weather. Cleaning them is usually straightforward, making life easier for you.

Plus, they help keep your pup warm in the winter and cool in the summer, perfect for dogs who like sleeping outside.

Wooden kennels offer a different look and feel for your pet’s outdoor space.

Wooden kennels

Wooden kennels are popular among dog owners who want a mix of style and function. These kennels often come with a cozy sleeping area and an outdoor “run.” This design lets dogs enjoy fresh air while staying safe in one spot.

Wood is lightweight but sturdy, making it a safer choice for your pet.

Your garden will still look great with a wooden kennel in it. They blend well with the outdoors and add to your yard’s beauty. Plus, they can help potty train your pup. Dogs learn where to go when they have their own space.

With these benefits, wooden kennels are both practical and pleasing to the eye.

Soft-sided kennels

Soft-sided kennels offer convenience for pet owners on the go. They are lightweight and fold easily, making them a top choice for travel. You can pack them up quickly, take them to dog events, or use them in training classes.

Their portability doesn’t sacrifice variety; soft crates come in many shapes and sizes customized to fit different pets and breeds.

These kennels provide a cozy spot for your dog both inside and outside your home. The Soft Side Play Yard is an example of how flexible these enclosures can be. Setting them up takes just moments, with no tools needed.

After use, they collapse down just as fast for compact storage until next time.

Tips for Properly Setting Up Your Kennel

outdoor dog kennel

Discover how the proper setup of an outdoor dog kennel can create a cozy and safe haven for your dog, ensuring they’re happy outdoors no matter the weather—keep reading to transform your backyard into a pooch paradise.

Choosing the right location

Pick a spot for your outdoor dog kennel that stays dry and comfy. Make sure it’s on high ground with good water drainage to keep floods away. Your dog won’t like sitting in a puddle! Place the kennel in an area that avoids strong winds and heavy rain.

A little bit of sun is okay, but too much can overheat your pup.

Look for a place with some natural shade from trees or buildings. This will help your dog cool down on sunny days. Keep the kennel away from noisy streets or wild animals that might scare or bother your pet.

The right location makes all the difference in creating a safe, happy home outside for your buddy to play and relax.

Ensuring proper drainage

After finding the ideal spot for your kennel, focus on keeping it dry. Make sure the area is not prone to flooding or standing water. To do this, you can elevate the kennel slightly above ground level.

Use gravel or sand underneath to help with water runoff. Also, angle the flooring slightly toward a drainage area. This way, rainwater flows out and away from your dog’s space.

Check that the soil around your kennel drains well too. If it doesn’t, consider installing a French drain system or similar solutions around the perimeter of the kennel. These systems channel water away from where your pup will be resting and playing—keeping them dry and cozy no matter what Mother Nature throws their way!

Adding insulation

Once you’ve handled the drainage for your pup’s kennel, it’s time to focus on comfort by adding insulation. Properly insulated kennels will keep your furball cozy in winter and cool during hot summers.

Use materials that will trap warmth but also prevent overheating, like foam panels or reflective barriers. These options provide a climate-controlled space that’s snug regardless of the weather outside.

To make sure your pup stays comfortable all year round, think about an insulated room or custom-built house as part of the kennel setup. Heat lamps can be used for extra warmth on chilly days while still maintaining safety.

Your pet’s well-being depends on these careful choices. Insulation isn’t just about comfort; it helps shield your dog from extreme temperatures and is key to their health in an outdoor environment.

Providing adequate shade

Insulation is key for temperature control, but during sunny days, shade becomes crucial. Use breathable shade fabric to cover parts of the kennel. This will keep your dog cool and safe from harsh sun rays.

Make sure there’s a balance with areas that get sunlight too. Dogs enjoy soaking up the summer warmth sometimes.

The kennel should not sit entirely in the open where it can get too hot. Plant trees or add a roof overhang to create shaded spots. These give your pet choices throughout the day for comfort and enjoyment, whether they want to lie in the sun or cool off in the shade.

Always ensure good water drainage on the ground so your dog stays dry even when it’s shady.

Adding bedding and toys

After you’ve set up shade for your outdoor dog kennel, think about the comfort of your four-legged friend. Bedding materials like straw, wood shavings, or specially designed pet beds give dogs a cozy spot to rest.

Soft bedding is especially important in colder weather to help retain heat and ensure your dog stays warm. Make sure the bedding you choose can withstand the elements and is easy to clean.

Dogs also need entertainment, so add toys that can endure outdoor conditions. Durable rubber toys or tough nylon bones are great choices for keeping dogs busy and happy. Switch out toys often to keep your pup interested and engaged while they’re spending time outside.

These additions make the kennel not just a place for safety but also a homey space where dogs can relax and play.

Maintaining and Cleaning Your Outdoor Dog Kennel

outdoor dog kennel

Keep your pooch’s haven spick and span with simple yet effective maintenance routines that ensure their outdoor sanctuary remains a healthy and happy place for them to enjoy—discover the essentials in our handy guide.

Regularly removing waste

Scoop up your dog’s waste every day to keep the kennel clean. This stops germs from spreading and keeps your pet healthy. Wash food and water bowls daily too. Use warm water and mild soap for cleaning.

Change bedding often so your dog can have a fresh, cozy spot.

Look at the kennel for any damage when you clean it. Fix or replace broken parts right away to make sure your pet stays safe. Now, let’s talk about how to fight germs and odors in your outdoor dog kennel.

Disinfecting and deodorizing

Clean your dog’s kennel with warm water and gentle soap. This keeps the space fresh without hurting your hands. Avoid ammonia-based cleaners; they can be harmful if you have multiple dogs.

Use a sanitizing solution for toys to keep germs away.

Rinse everything thoroughly after disinfecting. Make sure you clean under bedding and in corners where dirt hides. Keep the kennel dry to stop mold and smells from growing. Air out the area often so it stays nice and fresh for your pooch!

Checking for wear and tear

Inspect your outdoor dog kennel often for any signs of damage. Look for cracks, rust, or sharp edges that could hurt your dog. Pests like to make homes in cozy spots, so check for bugs or rodents too.

If you find any problems, fix them right away to keep the kennel and pets safe and comfy.

Keep an eye out for parts that seem weak or are starting to break. Things like door hinges, locks, and the roof can wear out over time. Replace these parts when needed to make sure your pooch stays secure in their space.

Regular checks will help your kennel last longer and give your dog a great place to hang out outside.

Replacing damaged parts

Check your outdoor dog kennel often for any broken or worn-out parts. Dogs can get hurt on sharp edges or swallow small pieces that come loose. Take action right away if you see damage.

Replace old latches that don’t close well to keep your pet or dog safe inside the kennel.

Use strong, quality materials for repairs to make sure the fixes last a long time. Good airflow and ventilation in the kennel are key, so fix any holes in fencing or walls quickly.

This will help protect your dog from weather and other outdoor hazards.

Keeping the kennel well-ventilated

Make sure your dog’s kennel has plenty of airflow. Good ventilation keeps the air moving and stops bad smells from sticking around. It also gets rid of dust and other nasty bits that shouldn’t be breathed in.

This means your pooch can breathe easy, stay healthy, and feel comfy.

Use a design that lets air come in and out without letting the weather or bugs bother your pup. On hot days, a breezy kennel helps keep your dog cool and your dog safe from overheating. In winter, it still needs fresh air but doesn’t let all the warmth escape.

A well-ventilated space is just right for happy dogs year-round!


outdoor dog kennel

In choosing the perfect outdoor dog kennel, think about your pup’s size, the weather, and the kennel’s material. Look for one that offers safety and is easy to clean. Keep in mind how much money you want to spend and any extra features like a roof or shade.

With these tips, find a great home outside for your pooch!


1. What kind of kennel is best for a hot climate?

Choose a climate-controlled outdoor dog kennel that keeps your pet cool in the heat.

2. Can I find a kennel with weather protection for my pup?

Yes, look for an outdoor dog kennel that offers shelter from rain and sun to protect your furry friend.

3. Are there any special features to consider when picking a kennel?

You might want an outdoor dog kennel with secure locks and durable materials that stand up against tough weather.

4. How do I ensure my dog’s comfort in their new outdoor home?

Pick a spacious, insulated outdoor kennel so your pooch can move around comfortably and stay cozy.

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