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The Top 10 Dog Calming Treats for Canine Anxiety

Seeing your furry best friend struggle with stress and anxiety can be heart-wrenching. Did you know there are over 89 calming supplements designed to soothe your pup? Our list of the top 10 dog calming treats will offer solutions to ease your canine companion’s nerves by calming anxiety more effectively.

Keep reading—serenity for your pet might just be a treat away!

Key Takeaways

  • VetriScience Calming Chews contain natural ingredients like L-Theanine to reduce dog anxiety.

  • The Thundershirt Dog Anxiety Treatment uses gentle pressure, like a hug, to help dogs feel secure and less stressed.

  • Zesty Paws Advanced Calming Bites include sun-theanine and melatonin for relaxation without the use of drugs.

  • Adaptil collars release calming pheromones that can soothe dogs in various stressful situations for up to 4 weeks.

  • Famikako Dog Ear Muffs are designed to muffle loud sounds, helping nervous dogs stay calm during events like fireworks.

VetriScience Calming Chews for Dogs

dog calming treats

Understandably, dealing with a dog’s anxiety can be as stressful for the owner as it is for the furry friend—enter VetriScience Calming Chews for Dogs.

Loaded with ingredients like L-Theanine and known to help soothe your pup during those high-stress times, these chews offer a tasty solution that aims to keep puppy tails wagging even in thunderstorms or fireworks.

Features & Benefits of VetriScience Calming Chews

dog calming treats

VetriScience Calming Chews are a great choice for dogs facing stress and anxiety. Made with natural ingredients, they’re safe and recommended by vets.

  • They contain L – Theanine, an amino acid that helps promote relaxation without causing drowsiness.

  • The chews are designed to support balanced behavior during high – stress events like fireworks or thunderstorms.

  • VetriScience includes Vitamin B1, B2, and C to help soothe your dog’s nerves effectively.

  • These treats have a tasty chicken liver flavor most dogs love.

  • Calming chews can be given daily or on occasions of situational anxiety to keep your dog calm.

  • Easy to administer dosages allow you to adjust according to your dog’s size and needs.

  • They come at different prices, starting from $7.99, making them an affordable option for pet owners.

Thundershirt Dog Anxiety Treatment

dog calming treats

Discover how the Thundershirt Dog Anxiety Treatment embraces your furry friend with gentle, constant pressure—a tested and proven method to calm anxiety and stress in dogs; keep reading to unveil a world of serenity for your pup.

Features & Benefits of Thundershirt Dog Anxiety Treatment

dog calming treats

The Thundershirt Dog Anxiety Treatment is a popular choice for soothing stressed pets. It offers comfort and a sense of security for your furry friend.

  • Acts like a hug: The Thundershirt applies gentle, constant pressure, which can calm your dog just like cuddling them does.

  • Easy to use: Just wrap the vest around your dog and secure it with the Velcro straps. No complicated setup involved.

  • Drug-free solution: This treatment works without any medication, making it a safe option for dogs of all ages.

  • Veterinarian recommended: Many vets suggest using anxiety vests like the Thundershirt for dogs who show signs of stress.

  • Durable fabric: Made with strong materials to withstand the wear and tear of daily use.

  • Machine washable: Keep it clean by tossing it in the washing machine as needed.

  • Size variety: Comes in different sizes to fit various dog breeds snugly and comfortably.

  • Reflective logos for safety: If you’re out at night, these details help keep your pet visible.

  • Adjustable fit: You can tighten or loosen the vest to find just the right pressure point that calms your pup.

  • Proven success rate: Many users report significant reductions in their dog’s anxiety symptoms after using Thundershirt.

Zesty Paws Advanced Calming Bites

dog calming treats

If your four-legged friend tends to turn into a furball of nerves, Zesty Paws Advanced Calming Bites could be a game-changer.

They’re packed with active ingredients like suntheanine and melatonin, designed to gently soothe your pup’s stress without the need for over-the-counter meds.

Features & Benefits of Zesty Paws Advanced Calming Bites

dog calming treats

Zesty Paws Advanced Calming Bites help keep dogs calm and happy. These soft chews are easy for dogs and cats to eat and full of natural ingredients.

  • Each bite contains ingredients like melatonin, which helps reduce stress and promote relaxation.

  • Suntheanine®, a pure form of the amino acid L – Theanine, is included to help maintain normal emotional balance.

  • The calming bites include fish oils rich in omega – 3 fatty acids like eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and docosahexaenoic acid (DHA), supporting brain health.

  • Zesty Paws uses a blend of herbs such as chamomile and valerian root, which can soothe anxious behaviors.

  • Vitamin B1, niacinamide, and vitamin B2 support nerve impulse transmission and muscle function.

  • The chews have a pleasant smell that appeals to dogs, making them a treat your pet will love.

  • Zinc in the formula works to support the immune system and skin health.

  • You can easily pick up these calming bites from Petco Pet Care Centers or order them online with convenient delivery options.

  • Regular use may help manage signs of restlessness in dogs without the need for over-the-counter medications.

  • For dog owners busy with shopping or work, repeat delivery service ensures you never run out of these calming treats.

Vetoquinol Zylkene Behavior

dog calming treats

When your four-legged friend shows signs of distress, Vetoquinol Zylkene Behavior supplements could be just what the vet ordered. Infused with alpha-casozepine, a natural ingredient found in cow’s milk, these capsules work to promote relaxation and alleviate stress without drowsiness—like a comforting glass of milk before bed for your pup.

Features & Benefits of Vetoquinol Zylkene Behavior

dog calming treats

Vetoquinol Zylkene Behavior is a go-to choice for a calming effect on your furry friend. It stands out for its natural approach to easing dog stress and anxiety. Here are its features and benefits:

  • Uses natural ingredients, making it a safe option for your dog’s anxiety treatment.

  • Comes in various forms like chews, drops, and medications to suit your dog’s preference.

  • Designed for dogs dealing with stress, Vetoquinol Zylkene helps them relax in different situations.

  • Highly effective for soothing nerves; many dog owners trust this product.

  • Works great for pups that get anxious during thunderstorms or when meeting new people.

ThunderEase Dog Calming Pheromone Spray

dog calming treats

Harnessing the power and effectiveness of a mother’s natural nursing pheromones, ThunderEase Dog Calming Pheromone Spray brings comfort to your furry friends in stressful situations—discover how this innovative spray can help ease your dog’s anxiety.

Features & Benefits of ThunderEase Dog Calming Pheromone Spray

dog calming treats

ThunderEase Dog Calming Pheromone Spray helps your furry friend feel more relaxed. It uses a combination of mother dog’s natural pheromones to create a sense of safety.

  • The spray copies the natural pheromones from a mom dog. These scents calm your pet down in stressful times.

  • You can buy ThunderEase online. Look for same – day delivery if you need it fast.

  • It’s easy to use! Just spray it on your dog’s bed, blanket, or crate before a stressful event.

  • There’s no strong odor. Your home will still smell fresh after you use it.

  • ThunderEase works for all kinds of stress. This includes thunderstorms, visits to the vet, and fireworks.

  • The spray lasts up to 4 hours after each application. Your dog stays calm for a long time.

  • Safe ingredients mean no worries about harsh chemicals around your pet.

  • Travel – friendly size lets you bring calm to your dog anywhere you go.

Adaptil Calming Pheromone Collar for Dogs

dog calming treats

Wrap the power of pheromones around your pup’s neck with the Adaptil Calming Pheromone Collar for Dogs. This innovative collar mimics the comforting signals a mother dog sends to her puppies, easing anxiety and fostering a sense of security in stressful situations—from thunderstorms to car rides to trips to the vet.

Features & Benefits of Adaptil Calming Pheromone Collar

dog calming treats

Adaptil Calming Pheromone Collar is a go-to for many dog owners. It helps dogs feel calm and stress-free in various situations.

  • Mimics natural pheromones: The collar releases comforting scents that mother dogs produce to soothe their puppies. These scents help adult dogs too.

  • Easy to use: You just put the collar around your dog’s neck, and it starts working. There’s no need for daily treats or medicine.

  • Lasts long: Each collar works up to 4 weeks, giving your pet a constant supply of calming support.

  • Suits all sizes: Whether you have a tiny poodle or a large retriever, you can find an Adaptil collar that fits well.

  • Safe for long-term use: Vets recommend this product, and it’s safe enough for your furry friend to wear every day if needed.

  • Range of prices: From as low as $7.99 to $54.99, there’s an option for every budget.

  • Widely available: You can buy this collar at Petco Pet Care Centers or online, making it easy to find.

  • Part of a larger range: The collar comes from a collection that includes other calming aids like treats and vitamins. This means you can combine products for better results.

  • Works in different scenarios: Use it when traveling, during thunderstorms, or with new people around – it helps in many situations where dogs might get anxious.

West Paw Zogoflex Qwizl Dog Puzzle Treat Toy

dog calming treats

The West Paw Zogoflex Qwizl is more than just a dog toy—it’s a boredom buster that keeps pups engaged and their minds sharp. Favored for its ability to extend the life of treats while simultaneously stimulating your your dog’s response, this puzzle toy turns treat time into an interactive game, promoting both mental and physical exercise which can be crucial in alleviating stress and anxiety.

Features & Benefits of West Paw Zogoflex Qwizl Dog Puzzle Treat Toy

dog calming treats

Your dog will love the West Paw Zogoflex Qwizl Dog Puzzle Treat Toy. It’s a fun way to help them calm down and beat stress.

  • Keeps your dog busy: The toy has a unique design that holds treats. Your dog works to get the treat out, which keeps their mind off stress.

  • Durable for chewers: Made from tough material, it stands up to strong jaws. This means your best friend can enjoy it for a long time.

  • Good for their teeth: As dogs chew on the Qwizl, it helps clean their teeth. Healthy chewing means healthy smiles.

  • Safe and non-toxic: The toy is made of safe materials. You don’t have to worry about harmful chemicals.

  • Dishwasher safe: Cleaning this dog toy is easy. Just pop it in the dishwasher!

  • Mentally stimulating: Working out how to get the treat requires thinking. This mental workout can tire out even active dogs.

  • Reduces boredom: A bored dog can get anxious or destructive. The puzzle toy keeps them entertained and engaged.

  • Versatile use: You can use it with different types of treats or kibble. Mix things up to keep your dog interested.

  • Floats in water: If your pup likes water, they’re in luck! This toy floats, making it perfect for playtime in pools or lakes.

Purina Pro Plan Calming Care Supplement for Dogs

dog calming treats

If your pup’s nerves are on edge, Purina Pro Plan Calming Care Supplement for Dogs might just be the secret to serenity; it’s specially formulated with probiotics proven to help dogs maintain calm behavior.

Dive into our full article to uncover all the soothing details and see if this could be the key to a more peaceful pooch.

Features & Benefits of Purina Pro Plan Calming Care Supplement

Purina Pro Plan Calming Care Supplement is a top pick for easing dog anxiety. It’s packed with natural ingredients that target stress and promote relaxation. Here are some of its features and benefits:

  • Contains a strain of beneficial bacteria to help maintain calm behavior.

  • Aids in reducing dogs’ anxiety – related behaviors like excessive barking or pacing.

  • Designed by experts to support dogs’ emotional balance.

  • Comes in an easy-to-feed, edible form that dogs can enjoy as a treat.

  • Does not contain harmful additives, ensuring it’s safe for regular use.

  • Helps manage the effects of environmental stressors such as thunderstorms or fireworks.

  • Can be used alongside other calming products for extra support.

Famikako Dog Ear Muffs

dog calming treats

Picture this: your furry friend, serene even amidst a storm of fireworks or thunder—Famikako Dog Ear Muffs could be the game-changer for sensitive canine ears. With their snug and comforting design, these ear muffs aim to mute anxiety-inducing noise, encapsulating peace for our four-legged pals in a cushion of quiet and calmness.

Features & Benefits of Famikako Dog Ear Muffs

Famikako Dog Ear Muffs offer a unique solution for pups who get nervous around loud noises. These ear muffs help to muffle sound, making stressful situations like thunderstorms or fireworks less scary for your furry friend.

  • Noise Reduction: The ear muffs reduce loud sounds that can cause anxiety in dogs. Your pet feels calmer during noisy events.

  • Comfort Fit: They’re designed to fit comfortably around your dog’s head. No need to worry about them being too tight or loose.

  • Adjustable Straps: With adjustable straps, they can fit dogs of various sizes. You can fine-tune the fit for your dog’s comfort.

  • Safe Materials: Famikako uses safe materials that won’t harm your pet’s skin or fur. Your dog stays comfy and irritation-free.

  • Portable Design: These ear muffs are lightweight and easy to carry. Bring them along on trips or outings where noise might be an issue.

  • Veterinarian Recommended: Vets often suggest these ear muffs for dogs sensitive to sound. It’s a trusted tool to help manage your dog’s stress.


dog calming treats

Your dog can feel calm and happy with the right treats and tools. Choose from chews, sprays, collars, or even a puzzle toy to ease their stress. Remember, natural ingredients are best for your furry friend’s peace of mind.

Check out all these options online or at Petco Pet Care Centers. Help your pup find relief from anxiety today!


1. What are dog calming treats, and how do they work?

Dog calming treats are special snacks made to help soothe stress and anxiety in dogs. They often contain natural ingredients like herbs that can relax your furry friend.

2. Can any dog have these calming treats?

Most dogs can enjoy these treats, but it’s smart to always double check with a vet first – especially for puppies, older dogs, or those with health issues.

3. How long does it take for the calming treats to kick in?

Usually, you’ll notice your pooch chilling out within 30 minutes to an hour after munching on one of these soothing snacks.

4. Will my dog love the taste of these calming treats?

Absolutely! These top 10 dog calming treats taste great and most pups find them super yummy – just like regular treats but with the bonus of helping them relax!

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