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Dog Bite Attorney: A Comprehensive Guide To Dog Bite Injuries

You’ve just experienced a dog bite, and the confusion, pain, and worry set in instantly. What are your next steps? If this has happened to you or someone close to you, knowing what action to take can be overwhelming.

Dog bites can lead not only to physical wounds but also emotional stress and financial strain from medical bills. In New Jersey, getting advice from a seasoned dog bite attorney could make all the difference in handling your situation effectively.

Surprisingly, many people don’t realize how severe dog bite injuries can become; they’re not just puncture wounds but may include nerve damage or even long-term psychological effects like PTSD.

This comprehensive guide is designed with one goal in mind: helping you understand how to navigate through the aftermath of a dog attack. From initial steps right after the bite occurs through finding legal representation that can fight for your rightful compensation—you’ll find it all here.

Keep reading as we unlock the key steps towards healing and justice after a canine’s teeth have turned your day upside down.

Key Takeaways

  • If a dog bites you, get medical help and contact local animal control or the police to report it.

  • You may be able to sue the dog’s owner for injuries; laws vary by state, but there’s often a time limit to file a claim.

  • Hiring a dog bite attorney can help prove the owner’s liability and defend against arguments like provocation or trespassing.

  • A good lawyer will fight for your right to compensation for medical costs, lost wages, and pain from the attack.

  • Choose an experienced dog bite attorney who has won claims before and offers free consultations.

What to Do After a Dog Bite

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If you’ve been on the receiving end of a dog attack, it’s crucial to act swiftly. Your next steps not only impact your health but can also lay important groundwork for any legal action you may consider.

Seek Medical Attention

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Go to a doctor or emergency room right after a dog bites you. They’ll look at your wound and decide how bad it is. You might need shots, medicine for pain, or even surgery if the bite is very deep.

Getting medical care quickly helps stop infections and other problems.

Doctors can also check for signs of rabies or tetanus in serious cases. It’s important to follow their advice on taking care of the bite as it heals. This will help you heal faster and avoid more harm to your body.

Report the Bite

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Call your local animal control agency right after the dog bite. They need to know about the attack to keep records. This step is crucial for your safety and others. It helps track dangerous dogs and prevent future bites.

In most states, dial 911 for a dog bite incident. The police will respond fast. They create an official report that you might need later. Reporting also helps with legal actions if you decide to sue the dog owner.

Can You Sue for a Dog Bite?

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If a dog bites you, you may have the right to sue the owner. The state of Georgia, for instance, allows victims like you to get money for their pain and injuries from negligent dog owners. You can seek payment for medical bills, lost income, and even emotional trauma.

Going to court could be necessary if the dog owner’s insurance company doesn’t want to pay. It’s important to know that suing is an option if someone else’s dog harms you.

Dog owners must follow certain rules, or they can be held legally responsible for bites. If someone’s dog attacked you without reason and you got hurt, that person might have to pay for your losses.

This includes costs from doctor visits, any wages lost because you couldn’t work, and other damages like mental stress, physical pain, or suffering. Remember these rights if a canine ever hurts you or someone close to you.

Deadlines for Filing a Dog Bite Injury Claim

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You must act quickly after a dog bite. Each state has its own rules, but you usually have between two to four years to file a claim. This time limit is called the “statute of limitations“.

It starts on the day the dog bit you.

Talk to a personal injury attorney right away to find out how long you have in your state. They can help make sure you don’t miss the deadline. Missing it could mean losing your chance for compensation for medical bills, pain and suffering, or lost wages due to your injury.

Don’t wait too long; evidence can fade and memories can get fuzzy over time.

Who is Liable in a Dog Bite Lawsuit?

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Now that you know the deadlines for filing a claim with dog bite attorneys, let’s talk about who is at fault when a dog bites someone. Dog owners are responsible if their pet hurts another person. This rule comes from state laws.

But, sometimes the law says it’s not their fault. For example, in “one-bite” states, an owner might not be blamed unless their dog has bitten before.

Figuring out who must pay for your injuries can get tricky. To win your case, you have to show that the owner did something wrong or wasn’t careful enough with their dangerous dog. If they knew their dog was dangerous and didn’t keep it safe, they could owe you money for getting hurt.

Always check if there are any special rules where you live about dogs biting people.

Importance of Hiring a Dog Bite Attorney

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When you’re facing the aftermath of a dog attack, navigating the legal landscape can be as daunting as dealing with your injuries. A skilled dog bite attorney becomes your ally, fighting for the compensation you deserve while you focus on healing.

Proving Liability

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To prove liability in a dog bite case, you must show the owner was negligent. This means they did not take proper care to prevent their dog from biting. Evidence like witness statements and police reports can help your claim.

Pictures of your injuries and where the attack happened are also important.

Your lawyer will work hard to gather all the proof needed. They will check if leash laws were broken or if any warning signs about the dog were ignored. Showing that an owner knew their dog could be dangerous but did nothing can make them liable for your injuries.

If you win, you might get money for medical bills, lost income, and pain from the attack.

Potential Defenses

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Dog owners might claim that the person bitten provoked their pet. They could argue the victim was teasing, hurting, or threatening the dog before it bit. This is known as provocation defense and can affect your case.

Another common defense is trespassing. If someone was on private property without permission and got bitten by a dog, the pet owner may not be held responsible.

Owners might also use comparative negligence in court. They will try to show that you share part of the blame for your injuries. Proving their claims wrong strengthens your case for compensation.

It’s important to gather evidence that counters these defenses, like witness statements or security camera footage.

Now let’s look into why getting a dog bite attorney on your side can make a big difference in how much compensation you receive for your injuries.

Compensation for Your Injuries

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Getting money for your injuries after a dog attack is important. You can ask for cash to cover medical bills, lost wages, and pain you felt. Dog bites can lead to surgeries or therapy that cost a lot.

Sometimes, dog owners or their insurance companies must pay these costs.

If the bite was really bad, you might get more money for the harm done. This could include help with things like anxiety, scars from plastic surgery, or not being able to enjoy life as before.

A good lawyer will fight so that all your losses are paid for by the right person or insurer.

What to Expect from a Dog Bite Attorney

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Navigating the legal aftermath of a dog attack can be as unpredictable as the injury itself, but with a skilled dog bite attorney by your side, you’ll understand each step towards justice and reparation.

They become your advocate, expertly tackling the complexities of your case from establishing liability to securing the compensation you deserve.

Free Consultation

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You may wonder how much a dog bite claim is worth, or you might have questions about the legal process. Schedule a free consultation with a dog bite attorney to get these answers. These dog bite lawyers understand that dealing with dog bites can be stressful, so they make it easy to start your journey toward compensation.

Dog owners should know that some attorneys provide free consultations and work on most personal injury cases on a contingency fee basis. This means they only get paid if you win your case.

If you have been the victim of a dog bite, reach out to an attorney today, share your story, and learn how they can help without any upfront costs.

Experience and Reputation

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After your free consultation, it’s crucial to consider the dog bite attorney’s track record. Choose a lawyer with proven experience in animal attack cases. They should know how to manage a case of dog bite victim like yours and fight for justice on your behalf.

Look for an attorney who has built a strong reputation. This means they have won cases and their clients trust them. A good name in legal circles can make insurance companies take notice too.

Your lawyer’s reputation in the community could impact your case’s outcome greatly.

Successful Case Results

Experience and reputation set the stage for an attorney, but their record in the courtroom seals the deal. A dog bite attorney with successful case results shows they can walk the talk.

They have helped other dog bite victims win settlements that recognize their pain and loss. Your lawyer should be able to share stories of past dog bite cases and clients who got $30,000, $50,000 or more for their injuries.

Top attorneys know how to prove a pet owner’s liability under strict liability laws or negligence. They turn evidence like medical reports and witness statements into strong arguments for your case.

With a skilled dog bite lawyer, you stand a better chance of getting fair compensation for things like medical treatment expenses from animal attacks and physical injuries caused by dogs attack.

Their track record is proof they can help you too.


dog bite attorney

Remember, if a dog bites you, act fast. See a doctor and report the bite. Talk to a lawyer who is experienced in the area of dog bite liability. They will help you understand from a legal perspective who is responsible and what potential compensation you might get.

Don’t wait too long to ask for legal help; it could make a big difference for you!


1. What does a dog bite attorney do?

A dog bite attorney helps people who have been bitten by dogs to get money for their injuries. They know the in’s and outs of the legal system.

2. Can I sue if a pit bull bites me and causes broken bones?

Yes, you can sue if a pit bull or any other dog attacks you and you end up with broken bones.

3. Are landlords responsible when their tenant’s dog bites someone?

Landlords may have to pay if they knew the dog was a dangerous animal and didn’t take steps to keep others safe.

4. Who pays for my injuries after a dog bite?

On most occasions, the owner of the dog is often held responsible for serious injuries, meaning they or their insurance company might have to pay for your injuries.

5. What should I do if I am delivering food and get attacked by a dog?

If you’re working as a deliveryman like Doordash or Grubhub, call an attorney because workers’ compensation might cover your injury from the attack.

6. Can getting bit by a dog cause mental health problems?

Yes, being bitten by a dog can lead to stress disorders like PTSD which affect both your mind and emotions.

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